Does Pure Pit Balm actually work?

Yes!  Trust us, we've tried a whole lot of natural deodorants, and hands down, this has been the most effective in fighting odor.

Is Pure Pit Balm an antiperspirant?

No.  We don't use aluminum as this  blocks the pores and prevents all sweating. Rather, we use a pure, unrefined baking soda and organic arrowroot powder, which both do a darn good job of absorbing moisture while killing the bacteria that causes odor.

Is Pure Pit Balm Gluten-Free and Vegan?

Yes and Yes! Also, this balm has never been tested on animals.

How long will my jar of Pure Pit Balm last?

With typical use (once per day), a jar (2.5 oz) of Pure Pit Balm should last 3+ months, and expires after 12 month of opening. Remember, all you need is a pea-sized amount per armpit.

My Pure Pit Balm has melted (either during shipping or in my home/car/gym bag). Is it still effective & safe to use?

Absolutely! Just give it a stir.  It will solidify again when cool or refrigerated. If you choose to refrigerate it, it will only take 15 minutes or so to harden. If you notice some separation when melted, be sure to stir well prior to it hardening.

My Pink Grapefruit Pure Pit Balm is a yellowish color and seems to be softer than my other scents. Why is that?

Essential oils vary in terms of the strength of the scent.  As such, some of the balms require more essential oil for the scent to be really noticeable, and to overpower the scent of the organic unrefined, virgin coconut oil.  The color and texture of the Pink Grapefruit deodorant does not alter its effectiveness at all. 

My Pure Pit Balm has hardened as my bathroom where I store it is quite cool.  What should I do?

If your Pure Pit Balm has hardened and you are finding it difficult to scoop with your finger, rub the top of the balm with your finger and the warmth of your skin will soften the top layer, making it easier to scoop.  Once you apply to your underarm, it will immediately soften, allowing for easy absorption.  Alternatively, you can always microwave it in 5 second intervals until it reaches an ideal texture for you. If it liquefies in this process, be sure to stir it well to avoid separation prior to it setting again. 

Why isn't Pure Pit Balm available in a stick?

The first ingredient is certified organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil and as such, it does soften when warm. Therefore, in order to put it into a stick form, other ingredients would need to be added, thus diluting the pure, natural ingredients currently in the product.  We have found that once you get used to using a balm, and realize that the ingredients are naturally antibacterial, scooping the product with one’s fingers is not such a big deal after all!

The texture of my product looks a little different than the last time I bought it.  Why is that?

Pure Pit Balm is handcrafted and made in small batches. It has no additives or stabilizers that are typically used in commercial antiperspirants to create a consistent product.  So while we follow the same recipe each and every time, there will be some variation in appearance and/or texture, but not in effectiveness.

There are small brown particles in my jar of Pure Pit Balm. Why is that?

The coconut oil that we use is virgin, unrefined and cold-pressed, which means that it is as pure as it gets! As such, it will naturally contain small bits of coconut meat and/or skin in it and this does not at all impact the effectiveness of the deodorant.

I have developed some irritation under my arms. Why is that? Is the sensitive version best for regular shavers?

It is best to avoid applying deodorant, of any kind, immediately after shaving or waxing and to allow your skin to heal before applying, as this is often a reason for the irritation. A minimum of one hour is recommended, although overnight is best. If you are a regular shaver and tend to shave within a short period of time of applying deodorant, it is recommended that you use the sensitive unscented version. 

If the irritation occurs and you haven’t shaven or waxed before application, it is likely that your body’s PH balance makes your skin sensitive to baking soda; this is the case for a small percentage of people. See our News and Information page for links to articles about how to detoxify your underarms. If the irritation is minor, it should pass within a week or so; if it is quite intolerable, discontinue use.

Is Pure Pit Balm safe to use when pregnant?

Pure Pit Balm is made of all natural ingredients, although it is recommended that pregnant women use the unscented version. Always consult with your doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy or while nursing.

Will the coconut oil leave a stain on my clothes?

No, although it is recommended that you allow the deodorant to fully absorb before you get dressed. If there is transfer, it is recommended that the clothing be washed in the hottest possible setting right away.  Some fabrics are simply more prone to showing moisture than others.  In our experience, this deodorant has not left white marks or yellow armpit stains which are typical with commercial antiperspirants.

Is it cost-effective to buy Pure Pit Balm in bulk?

When you buy 2 jars of Pure Pit Balm rather than 1 jar, the shipping cost does not increase. So buy one for your loved one, stock up for when your first jar runs out, or keep one in your gym bag. Or you can use the sensitive version for the days that you shave or wax, and a scented version for all the other days (that's what I do!)

How do I place an order?

Email us at purepitbalm@gmail.com and we will respond within 1 business day and send you an invoice via pay pal.

When will I receive my order?

Orders will ship within 2 business days via Canada Post.  Once shipped, you will receive a tracking number and your order will arrive within 5 to 10 business days. International orders may take longer depending on your country's customs process. If you are wondering what the shipping cost would be to your particular province or state, please email us at purepitbalm@gmail.com.

I'm interested in selling Pure Pit Balm. Where can I get info about placing wholesale orders?

We're glad you asked!  Please email us at purepitbalm@gmail.com